Solar Giveaway

  Become Eligible for Our Solar Giveaway

As global warming increases, the amount of CO2 emissions rising, and the reliance on traditional power sources skyrocketing, the time is here to transition to alternative energy sources. If you are looking for eco friendly solar power, adding a solar array to your current residential home or business is an excellent option. Not only will eco friendly solar power help to reduce your carbon footprint, relying on renewable energy sources, but it can help save you money each and every month. For most people, having the chance to completely eliminate a utility bill is a dream come true. At Apollo Solar though, we are set out to turn this dream into a reality, with our dream deal.

Our team is excited to announce our solar giveaway opportunity. With our solar giveaway, we make it possible for one lucky winner to live a life without an electric bill. Having free power for life can add up to a tremendous amount of savings over the course of a lifetime. The best part about our solar giveaway is that aren't doing this giveaway just once. That's right, for every 50 new solar panel installations, we select a new winner from our customers. Every customer that has a new solar panel array installed will have a 1/50 chance of winning this amazing solar giveaway price. We always have a running count on our website as we get closer to drawing the next winner, so be sure to check our website frequently to know what your chance might come up for free power for life.

At Apollo Solar we are passionate about the earth, and renewable energy sources. We love to learn more about the solar industry and the different technologies available to us every single day. We stay on top of the industry, always offering the latest models and technology to our clients. Not only does this ensure that you will get the most out of your solar panel installation, but it will ensure that your solar panels are always up to date. At Apollo Solar we are passionate about this industry, and our attention to detail shows through in each and every installation. Not only do we want to provide ultimate installation and products to our customers, but we want to provide ongoing support to help with questions that may arise down the road. For professional and trusted service, turn to Apollo Solar.