Solar Energy

  Benefits of Using Solar Energy

Solar has captured the attention of hundreds of thousands of people, companies, and scientists worldwide. The option for usable energy captured from one of our renewable resources is an excellent opportunity to not only help protect the earth, but to find affordable solutions to the growing costs of electricity. Many people still remain skeptical though, and ask, "Why get solar?" The team at Apollo Solar is here to help explain the several benefits and incentives associated with getting solar to help power your home or business. In truth there are several answers to the question, "Why get solar?" with many of the answers overwhelmingly positive.

One of the biggest benefits of using solar energy is the ability to save money. Solar utilizes the natural sunlight, transforming the sun's energy into usable energy within your home. This means that you will be able to take advantage of a resource that is available to everyone on the planet. While there is an initial cost to install the equipment needed to use solar energy, the cost savings are evident from the first time you use your system. Not only will you notice a drastic savings on your utility bills, month after month without having to rely on conventional electric power, but over the lifetime of your solar panels homeowners save an average of $20,000 throughout the life of the system. This is a cost savings that goes directly into your pocket, while still being able to use a renewable energy source that is friendly toward the planet.

Further, there are several solar government incentives available for people who opt to switch to solar power, or at least supplement their conventional power with a solar grid. There are several solar government incentives that vary in the amount paid, and frequency the credit is paid. Some incentives can be used one time, for the installation of the equipment, and other credits and incentives can be taken yearly, for transitioning your home's energy source to a green and renewable option. By not only having the benefit of monthly savings on your utility bill, but also government cash incentives to switch to renewable energy sources is a great way to make solar panels and power a lucrative energy option.